Kosher list Berlin

Possible to buy everywhere

  • Water, Coca cola, Sprite, Fanta
  • Rice
  • Sugar, salt
  • Coffee and tea without aroma
  • Pasta “Barilla”  and “Compino” without eggs
  • Vegetables (to take maasser if from Israel)
  • Eggs (better the white ones)
  • Oil – Mazla or if it says Bröli in the Bottom of the Bottle
  • Juice all kind of it (except grape) as long it contains 100% fruit
  • Regular wheat flour, plain whole wheat flour.
  • All spices except garlik powder and onion powder.
  • Fresh Yeast Backhefe (not dry)
  • Olive oil must be Extra Virgin/Cold Press
  • All can vegetables (except green asparagus) made in Central Europe without Weinessig or Weinsteinessig (wine vinegar).
  • Vanile sugar – every Central European company
  • Kakao powder – not chocolate – every Central European company
  • Wheat and oatmeal – without additional ingredients
  • Sugar powder – every Central Europe company
  • Vegetable oil “Brolio”/”Cereol”/”Mazla”
  • Tomato paste – even with citronensaure or ascorbinsaure
  • Salmon smoked without spieces, fresh salomon with skin

Supermarket “Lidle”

  • Salmon smoked without spieces, fresh salomon with skin
  • Whole wheat crackers “Ossem”
  • Ketchup “Heinz”
  • Honey

Supermarkets „Kaiser“, „Edeka“ and „Reichelt“

  • Kelloggs with MK
  • Milk and dessert soja “Alpro”
  • Raisens (Rosinen) “Sunmaid” (red)

Kosher bread “Pat Israel” in shop Hofpfisterei (only simple bread white or black).

  • Goethestraße 39/40, 10625 Berlin (west)
  • Rosenthaler Straße 31, 10178 Berlin (east)
  • Nollendorfplatz 8, 10777 Berlin (west)
  • Schönhauser Allee 118A, 10437 Berlin (east)
  • Westfälische Straße 55 10711 Berlin (west)
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